Our New Thanksgiving Tradition





I don’t remember the first place I saw these sorts of mantel “messages” if you will, but now they are all over the place for a number of different holiday’s. I instantly thought what a great “Thanksgiving” activity for the whole family.

Were pretty big on Gratefulness around here. So my thought was that we could have (as a family) an opportunity to talk about and write down what we are thankful for multiple times throughout this holiday season and clip it to our Thankfulness banner. There are six mini clothes pins hanging down that hold our small square note cards that we all have written on. I just might leave it up all year round. I originally wanted it to say “THANKFULNESS” but they didn’t have the right letters for it.

How I did it:

I  bought the wooden letters and four different contrasting papers out of the open stock scrapbook paper, some glue, 1 spool of the small ribbon, and 1 bag of mini clothes pins. My total was just right around $12. Then I just traced the letters on the back of the paper, glued it to each wooden letter and when it dried glued the ribbon across the back. Easy Peasy.

I had enough paper left over to make one that says just “GIVE THANKS” for The Husband’s Aunt for Christmas (with which we will each write something we “give thanks” for about her on one of the cards and include them when we mail it) and still cut out a ton more squares to use and include with the gift.

I have no idea why I didn’t get a picture of it with all of our contrasting little square papers hanging down from it but just imagine six little mini squares hanging from it in the same paper designs that are on the sign itself.

It was super simple to make. I know The Aunt is going to love hers and since all I had to buy to make hers was the wooden letters and another $.50 roll of ribbon and I waited until I had a new coupon hers cost me well under $10 to make. (And less than 1 hour time) Proof that great gifts, or home decorations for that matter, don’t have to be expensive.

So what is something crafty and money saving that you are doing this holiday season? Leave a comment or link us to your idea so we can steal it!

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