Can Shopping Online for Back to School Save You Money?




Are you ready for some back to school savings that can save you money while making your life even easier? Well let me introduce you to my little friend, Mr. Online Shopping!

For instance this whole week Target has  kids shoes buy one get one 50% off. And kid’s, men’s, and women’s jeans for that matter- Starting Sunday.

And I just happen to have a few kids that need some shoes for school. But how could shopping online save me more money that shopping in the store?

Ah I’m so glad you asked……

Here’s the deal. When I take my kids into a store with my list of what we need to get they see a few pairs of shoes they like. One not in the right size, one in the right size. The right size one is the wrong shoe if you know what I mean. The wrong size shoe is the shoe that is the FAVORITE shoe.

One meltdown done and over with and one pair of sub-par shoes in the cart.

As we are walking to the shorts department because I need two pairs of shorts for another one. The shoe boy finds a t-shirt they HAVE TO HAVE. And they weren’t able to get the shoes they really wanted so in the cart it goes.

We repeat this process with a few more kids. Ideally only our own but when you have a lot like we do sometimes an extra one just slips right in there and it takes a while to notice you picked up an extra.

On the way out I am trying to remember if there is anything else I need from here so I don’t have to turn around and come back in two days, so I throw a few things in the cart with the rest of my stuff. You know, just in case you actually are out of it.

This whole process + four or so meltdowns later = twice the number of items that I originally set out to purchase – half of the items actually on my list not found.

Now that can drive a momma to drink and pray for forgiveness to the God that created these children and thought SHE was the best person for THIS job. Not me, some other sweet friend of mine.

BUT Shopping Online. Oh How I LOVE Shopping Online.

I can bring over one, very particular about his clothing, 4 year old and have him look at a number of pictures and point to which ones he likes. No t-shirt department, no other shoe melt down, and then he can just go away. CHECK. Off my list.

Then next, needs two shorts boy, can come over and say, just as said 6 year old always says. I don’t care mommy I’ll just wear whatever shorts you buy me. Check, Check. I start to feel a little like an efficiency ninja at this point.

And said 8 year old little girl can sit at the computer by herself and look at pictures of dresses because quite honestly I never was born to be a shopper, and I can barely stand to sit still that long. Then I can just go away. And then come back when she has made her list of top 3 she likes. Which takes much longer than I would like it to but eventually Check, Check, and Check.

This process can go on and on and usually actually be done with zero meltdowns. (Well except for the one or two from mommy. ; ) )

Sidebar: Other great things I love about shopping online at Target. I have a Red Debit Card that allows me an extra 5% off every time I shop. It also gives me free shipping when I shop online. You can also shop through Ebates and Shop at Home to get an additional cash back on your purchase and be sure to link the card your paying with to your Upromise account to get extra free college savings.

What about you? How do you stick to your back to school budget? Leave your tricks and tips in the comments.



  1. Soooo true. It can save time, money, and stress. I should do it more often. To save on shipping I always search for a coupon code before checking out.

  2. Good info! I love Target, and yes, especially love the RedCard–5% off and free shipping? Good deal! And very, very true–if I shop online, I end up with way less crap than if I went to the physical store. It’s a wonderful thing…!


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