Zero Food Waste Challange – Week 3

We’re halfway through! Can you believe it. If you missed post one and two from the Zero Food Waste Challenge you can get all caught up here and here. I am happy to report that I did pretty well last week. I only threw away a few more oranges that were rotting that it just occurred to me as I am typing this I could have juiced them or something I guess before they went bad. Things to keep in mind next time. Then just because now we’re talking about it, here is a post I bookmarked to find later for 24 uses for oranges so you will NEVER waste one again.

I’m totally trying the salt scrub and the cleaner.

The only other thing I tossed last week was my last bit of wine I left on the end table. It was a rare Charles Shaw two-fifty chuck so I don’t have a huge amount of guilt in it and it was only the last few sips. So I tossed about a dollars worth of food. I do know that I have a TON of produce this week that will need to get used up so this is going to be my stretch week to not toss some major money into the compost bucket but I’m up for the challenge. And knowing that I didn’t make a trip to the grocery store this weekend. I grabbed eggs and that was it. It’s going to be a “get creative” week. 

wine, zero food waste challenge


There was a fairly large downside this week though. I found myself eating more than I wanted just because I didn’t want to throw the rest away. I ate a piece of pizza that I didn’t even really want because it was the last one left and I didn’t want to end up tossing it. I finished off my son’s pork chop because I didn’t want to throw the last three bites away. I was trying to get my son to eat the hot dog bun that his Costco hot dog came in that he NEVER eats. He’s not much of a bread boy unless it’s toast. I know, I have no idea where he comes from. Then I was getting on myself for not ordering a hot dog without the bun for him. (I don’t know if that is even an option at Costco.)

If you are thinking, “Trish, it’s a $1.50 and I don’t think the majority of that cost comes from the bun.” I know! I thought that too. But it wasn’t about the cost. It was about the food that I knew when he asked for it and I ordered it for him was going to be thrown in the garbage. Honestly, even though I don’t feel the need to be guilt ridden over a bun, it will make me think about it next time. Why wouldn’t I order it without the bun? 

So while my pocket book stayed healthy this week my diet suffered.

So how have you done on the Zero Waste Challenge? Have you had any moments that you noticed something unexpectedly good or bad that has come out of this? We’d love to hear about your insights. Leave them in the comments below. 

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