Overcome Lack of Confidence

Hi Friend.
I have a serious question for you.
Are you confident in who you are and what your abilities are?
I only ask because a good friend of mine gave such a thought provoking TEDx talk on a subject I JUST had a very serious conversation about with a client a few weeks before.
Have you EVER in your life said, “There’s no way I could ever do ___________”
Quit my full time job to be a full time mom. Start my own business so I can live life on my own terms. Pay off the $70,000 of non-mortgage debt we have. Save enough to put a down payment on a home. Start a non-profit around a severe need I know needs help. Put on an event around a message I know has the power to change peoples lives.  Travel for a year. Loose 50 pounds.
What’s your thing? Because let’s face it. We have ALL said it at one point or another.
I’d love for you to give it a watch because I think it’s so valuable to think about in life.
Even though it’s focused on women I think it’s still absolutely a must listen (and may give you guys out there a different perspective as well) because it transcends the gender gap. It may not be career but I bet there’s something.
Because I want us all to step into the life lived to the full! Our full purpose. Our full capacity. Not playing our cards any more close to the chest. Our actual talents. To. The. Full.
Full of the confidence to screw up and full of the realization of how valuable knowledge is that is learned from experience.
But also full of the amazing gratification of stepping out on unsure toes into something bigger than our little world……
And then to keep stepping…..
And then realizing……
We are so much more powerful than we could EVER have thought.
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If you realize there is something in your life you have been less than confident about take the first step to moving beyond it and share it with me on Facebook. I can’t wait to see what insecurities we ALL leave in the dust.

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