Kingdom Money Project

kingdom money projectHi Friend!
Have you ever thought about doing your own thing? 
I know that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. 
But I also know that most everyone has a unique gift to give to the world that can make the world we live in a better place. 
It’s not just abut enjoying financial success. 
Money gives us power to shape the world around us. 
But we also crave the ability to invest our spirit into our work and give back to something bigger than ourselves. 

That is 100% why I was so excited to jump on board with the Kingdom Money Project

Where Spirit, Money and Impact Collide!
It’s a 100% FREE Video Summit hosted by Molly Dalbec. 
(Honestly, it’s totally FREE not one of the 21 experts are going to try to sell you anything.) 
The video summit begins June 1st! 
Molly Dalbec is a business and health coach who believes that as we are fulfilling our deeper purpose as entrepreneurs, we have enormous power to combine our resources, networks and abilities to crate a meaningful impact in real time. 
Here’s how it will go down:
Over 11 days, you will have exclusive free access to 21 interviews with a fantastic group of entrepreneurs (I’m excited to be one of them!) who will share with you how we make money AND remain grounded, spiritual and balanced while giving back in the service of our greater purpose.  
At he same time, we’ll be raising money for the A21 organization, a nonprofit dedicated to abolishing slavery int eh 21st Century by raising awareness and protecting victims of human trafficking. 
The speakers will include Molesey Crawford, Carol Sankar, Adreea Ayers. Teri Johhnson. Evita Ochel. Wendy Collier. Fay Chapple. Odette Laurie. Simone Mitians and more……
Spirit. Money. Impact. Has the potential to create an unstoppable ripple. 
  • Learn how to ground your work spiritually
  • Let your “Why” be the driving force behind what you do
  • Create from a place of passion – not burnout
  • Find the money in your business by moving into the now
  • Unite hard work with the heart to fly into exponential growth
  • Receive an array of wonderful gifts from the speakers
  • Give back through the A21 campaign and experience the power of collective impact
I hope you’ll join me. I can’t wait to learn from the other 20 speakers.

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