Summer Vacation – To Go or Not to Go

I have a personal confession. I LOVE summer!

In my many, many years since I graduated college I still have this personal urge to spend all day every day June through August at the lake, on the river, at the beach, reading a book, swimming, playing, camping, exploring. 
summer vacation, beach, fun, boys, brothersI don’t believe I ever will outgrow it. And I’m OK with that. 

Unfortunately the mortgage doesn’t stop needing to be paid and these growing kids seem to eat more every day. 

And I found myself catching picture after picture of others summer adventures on social media sites everywhere and suddenly recognized that antsy feeling that I often get that tells me I NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE FUN…….like tomorrow. 

You too? 

Well for us this year there will be no 10 day visit to the beach house this summer…………The one who’s back yard is pictured in the photo above…….. SIGH. 

We just came out of a moment (a year long moment) where we made major progress on one of our largest financial goals. 

And so we decided we are taking a financial rest if you will. That means not dropping $4,000 on a summer vacation this year. And here is the funny thing I realized. 

When I said that to a few friends as school ended I was hit with more than a few, that’s a LOT of money to spend on a vacation. And then it hit me. Most people have zero idea what they actually spend on vacation. One friend actually said out loud she didn’t think they spend that much when they go to Hawaii. I asked her what the four plane tickets alone cost. She responded, “Oh Yeah, I guess you’re right!” 

I have budgeted vacations for years so I’m a bit of an expert and I will 100% commit to the fact that it can be done for MUCH less money. But many people are unrealistic about what they end up spending in the end and never take the time to pre-budget before setting out. 

I used to do it too. Girls cruise to the Bahamas? That sounds great! Next month? OK. Cool. While it took a different meaning when I was buying myself a plane ticket instead of a number of us it was still incredibly unlikely that I didn’t drop a few thousand dollars in a week. 

Hotel or Home Rental – $1,000 – $3,000 a week. 

Breakfast (7) at $35 = $245

Lunch (7) at $40 = $280

Dinner (7) at $65 = $455

That puts you around $3,000 in to house and feed an average family of 4 conservatively at that. 

Then add your transportation cost. 

Cost of any attractions you choose to do. 

Some spending money. 

You are starting to get the picture I’m sure. 

So while it’s been a number of summers since we haven’t done the vacation thing we are going to stay close to home and find other ways to replenish. 

So now I have to ask, what are your plans for this summer? Are you splurging on some summer fun or are you staying close to home?


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