Armor of God – Week 4

Can you believe we are already at week 4 of this study. Once we finish this week we will be more than half way through. Honestly, I feel like we just started!

I don’t know about you but all “occurrences” in the last month aside I have felt SO much growth from this study. I have personally felt empowered with strength on the EXACT day that I felt I could not possibly get through.

I’m so grateful for all of you going through this study with me. Your insights, revelations, and sharing has absolutely benefited me personally. That’s why God calls us to come together doesn’t He. Because we can grow in knowledge together in a VERY different way than we can learn on our own.

I encourage you to be in the word through this study. I know that I am taking my Bible reading SERIOUSLY. How can we gauge truth if we do not know what his benchmark says about it.

Here is your video for this week.