Armor of God – Week 5

You ladies have become my Armor of God family!

I am continuing to pray over you.

If you are starting to feel discouraged. Don’t give up.

If you are feeling like you should just throw in the towel because you are so far behind, that is from Satan not God.

That’s exactly why we have this study fully online and fully available. It doesn’t matter if you take three weeks to get through each week’s homework. Stay steady my friends. It doesn’t matter if you take an entire year. God didn’t put you on a deadline. We aren’t either.

Any discouragement or disappointment in your head is from the enemy and we KNOW for a fact he is threatened by what you have to hear in this study.

Do NOT let him win this battle.

We are running this race with you. I am stepping step by step with you saying in your ear….. “Don’t you listen to him. You can do this. There is no truth standing in your way. All we have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless of how slowly we go and we will get to this finish line. I won’t leave your side as we go through this together. Giving up is NOT an option. You have this sister.”

Our Father is so joyful over us when we step up to adversity and take the NEXT step. Keep stepping sisters. We will all get there in our own perfect time.

Here is your week 5 video: