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kingdom money projectHi Friend!
Have you ever thought about doing your own thing? 
I know that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. 
But I also know that most everyone has a unique gift to give to the world that can make the world we live in a better place. 
It’s not just abut enjoying financial success. 
Money gives us power to shape the world around us. 
But we also crave the ability to invest our spirit into our work and give back to something bigger than ourselves. 

That is 100% why I was so excited to jump on board with the Kingdom Money Project

Where Spirit, Money and Impact Collide!
It’s a 100% FREE Video Summit hosted by Molly Dalbec. 
(Honestly, it’s totally FREE not one of the 21 experts are going to try to sell you anything.) 
The video summit begins June 1st! 
Molly Dalbec is a business and health coach who believes that as we are fulfilling our deeper purpose as entrepreneurs, we have enormous power to combine our resources, networks and abilities to crate a meaningful impact in real time. 
Here’s how it will go down:
Over 11 days, you will have exclusive free access to 21 interviews with a fantastic group of entrepreneurs (I’m excited to be one of them!) who will share with you how we make money AND remain grounded, spiritual and balanced while giving back in the service of our greater purpose.  
At he same time, we’ll be raising money for the A21 organization, a nonprofit dedicated to abolishing slavery int eh 21st Century by raising awareness and protecting victims of human trafficking. 
The speakers will include Molesey Crawford, Carol Sankar, Adreea Ayers. Teri Johhnson. Evita Ochel. Wendy Collier. Fay Chapple. Odette Laurie. Simone Mitians and more……
Spirit. Money. Impact. Has the potential to create an unstoppable ripple. 
  • Learn how to ground your work spiritually
  • Let your “Why” be the driving force behind what you do
  • Create from a place of passion – not burnout
  • Find the money in your business by moving into the now
  • Unite hard work with the heart to fly into exponential growth
  • Receive an array of wonderful gifts from the speakers
  • Give back through the A21 campaign and experience the power of collective impact
I hope you’ll join me. I can’t wait to learn from the other 20 speakers.

Keeping It Personal Radio

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I was honored to be a guest of Teri Johnson on Keeping It Personal Radio. Who if you don’t know her you need to. She is one of the most inspiring women I know. You can find out more about here here:

We talked money. We talked organization and achieving big things. We talked about our heart for empowering youth to reach for great big things instead of feeling small. I hope you will jump over and listen

You can also grab the show in Itunes as well later this afternoon after the episode goes live. Be sure to subscribe to Keeping it Personal with Teri Johnson.

So if you have found yourself here from KIP radio Welcome! I am so excited you are here!

You can access the Change Your Money Mindset course here. Be sure to use KIPRADIO coupon code for $50 off.

And I’d love to know what brought you here and what you are interested in finding out more about! Leave a comment below or schedule your own FREE private consultation so we can discuss your individual questions. 

Why Small Financial Wins Matter Most and How to Get Them

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It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the financial obligations we have. Those are the moments we feel like giving up completely. Those are the moments that we live in a mindset of scarcity.

There will never be enough. There is so much that needs to be done and so little resources to do them.

What’s the point? Why even try?

Enter the need for small financial wins in our big life goals. We all have the big picture items. For you it may be the mortgage paid off, retirement, kids college paid for, or all of the above. But what about the life that’s lived in the meantime?

Races that last for 5 years or more have an amazing ability to feel like you’re not making any progress. 

I myself got to this point when we were finishing up adding on our master suite. We had well since run out of resources that we had saved and were cash flowing “the next” step of the process and had been for months. I was so emotionally done with the process of requiring more and more and more. We were down to the very last piece of the puzzle as far as expenses go when we had to throw in a $350 new goat pen because our one Nigerian pygmy goat Tank (Yes irony was intended with the naming of that boy) had suddenly become an escape artist and we had some less than pleased neighbors.  

Anyway the glass was finally ordered for the mirror and shower enclosure in the bathroom and I had had just about enough. They gave me the estimate and needed the 10% deposit. I wrote the $220 check and prayed OK we have 10-14 days to come up with the additional $2000. Sigh.

Truth. I knew what was scheduled to be billed out in the next few weeks and so I had already calculated that we could come up with the money (most likely anyway). But in that moment the money was not already sitting in my checking account. A position I don’t believe I will ever be comfortable in.

So the lapse in the process for me happened approximately an hour after the glass guy left. The same glass guy that told me it was going to cost approximately $2,300 to have our shower enclosure and mirror made. (And yes, I got multiple bids and went with the least expensive one that had great service reviews.)

What was the break you ask?

That would be my husband mentioning the fact that we haven’t had a hand towel on the hand towel ring he installed a few weeks before. An observation that elicited from me “the look”. You husbands, you know this look from your wife. It’s the look that tells you to change the subject as soon as you possibly can and for goodness sake DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT.

I felt it appropriate at that moment to remind my husband (possibly with a bit more exuberance than necessary) that we were taking on each next project in the process one at a time and I haven’t even begun to think about finding the money to buy all new towels to make sure that hand towel ring was used for it’s inherent purpose. 

My response wasn’t necessary.

Neither was my anxiety I was feeling over having to purchase towels for the bathroom. Truth: I had cash sitting. Cash just waiting for the next assignment I gave it. I could have assigned it towels. But in the process of all the other expenditures it felt impossible. In the process of all the other needs it felt overwhelming. 

Let’s all Just Agree To Break It Down and Maintain Sanity

I know that’s easier said than done for some of us. 

We all have a list; for most of us it’s a big list. It’s a list of all the things that need to be done, replaced, replenished, rebuilt, reformed.

Most of us don’t necessarily have the money to do all things at once.

So how do we combat multiple demands with limited resources?

We prioritize.

There is absolutely zero reason why ALL things can’t be handled in time. Take the first step and get them all out on paper. Have a discussion with your spouse if you’re married about all the things that really need to be replaced. All the things you desire to change. All the things that need to be repaired.

I am always amazed that even though my husband and I talk about a LOT of stuff that we want to do or need to do, when we sit down and make up a new list he adds stuff I would have never even noticed or considered.

So make your list

Then looking over everything all together make a decision on what’s next. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we think about 40 things we need to do. It’s doable when we only focus on the next.

These are not necessarily needs. These are your next steps in the process. Keeping them in check allows you to be consistently working towards something and doesn’t leave you feeling like there is no progress made.

Yes these aren’t huge goals and dreams but they are still accomplishments. And making progress keeps us in the habit of working towards something and it motivates us to keep reaching for the next rung on the ladder. 

Little wins that keep you in the long term race. 

Do you have a short term win to share? Jump over to Facebook and share yours. 




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Marital Money Malice?



We have all heard the statistic. The majority of marriages that end in divorce got there over money issues. It seems strange doesn’t it? That an inanimate amoral object like a dollar bill could rip a relationship in two? So the question is, is it actual marital money malice or is it something as benign as disagreements on food budgets and how much one partner spends at Target every month? 

I would hope that we can all agree on the fact that the issue really has nothing to do with Target or food but overtly represents some much bigger issues in the marriage. 

Here’s some basic issues that come up in relationships that I have personally seen have the potential to tear a family apart. 

Complete Disregard

Have you ever had a discussion with your spouse about how the towels should be folded and they continue to completely disregard your recommendations?

How does that make you feel? Honestly? 

Irritated. Angry. Frustrated. Not valued or respected. Disregarded even?

That may have been a silly example but lets be real about it. Your spouse attempts to make the budget run efficiently and ensures that everything get’s accounted for. They have shared with you that these next few weeks are going to be tight because of some additional medical bills and you still end up at the store buying a number of things that are NOT this week’s necessities with the faith that they will just figure it out, after all they always do. They are too strict about things anyway. 

That’s disregard. And consistent disregard for financial objectives you and your spouse have discussed will eat away like a disease at the relationship. In a healthy relationship your own desires do not get to take priority over your spouses.  And you both have to be on the same page for a mutual goal and desire. 

Financial Infidelity

Trust is crucial in a relationship. The ironic thing about relationships is that dishonesty is dishonesty and while there may be some that we say is un-excusable and some that we can tolerate, the reality of it is that we can’t. Regular dishonesty of any subject corrodes trust in relationships.

Additional feelings that follow? Disrespect, disgust, lack of compassion, loss of regard. 

I have seen this time and time again with couples. One spouse suddenly uncovers thousands of dollars in credit card debt that the other ran up and it literally tares the relationship apart. I was just a part of a conversation last week with a couple where one of the spouses always cashed their paychecks to pay for groceries and misc.and they consistently couldn’t really account for hundreds of dollars every single month. (Like up to $900) What assumptions do you think were made about this spouse? Dishonesty is dishonesty and leads to assumptions about much more than a few missing dollars. While we may never know what was going on in those past months the couple now have full disclosure of expenditures and I can tell you the one spouse left to question where the remainder of the paycheck went is feeling much more secure in the relationship overall.  


“I work so hard.” “I deserve it.” “I’m not going to be happy until I get it.” “You need to ask me before you spend any money.”

Ever been in a conversation where any of these phrases were spoken? Guess what? They are can be forms of bullying. When one spouse is constantly throwing a temper tantrum to get what will make them happy they are manipulating the other spouse. Generally this spouse is left feeling disappointed because mutual goals and dreams get ditched regularly to give into the one who yells the loudest. Most of us don’t want to be married to a naughty 4 year old.  

But It’s done out of love right? I want them to have everything they want. At least they will know how much I love them. And yet, years and years of speaking needs that never get met takes a devastating toll on relationships and self esteem with one spouse feeling taken for granted and subverted. 

Inappropriate Passiveness 

Have you ever seen relationships where you could immediately identify who wears the pants in the family? While we would initially just top that off to bullying there is another element that leads to major problems in marriages that is just as commonly at work.

Have you ever asked someone what they want to do and they tell you it doesn’t matter, only to have them display complete attitude about the choice you made? When one partner is regularly being asked of their opinion and then refusing to engage in the conversation and actively participate it leaves a void that needs to be filled. 

Isolated. Tricked. Alienated to handle the stress of the finances all on their own leaves one spouse frustrated and feeling un-cared for. 

Don’t let something as simple as money ruin your relationship. Realize that like any other symptom we experience in life there is an underlying cause that can not afford to be ignored. Invest in your relationship when it comes to financial matters and be willing to acknowledge areas that you have participated in when it comes to corrosive behaviors. There is a new level of intimacy when you can work together with your spouse on equality when it comes to finances and money decisions.

Bother to have real conversations about money matters. Speak up with genuine feelings on the subject. Show up to share the burden. Understand that something shiny and new isn’t going to fix your frustrations. And be honest and open with each other about what’s really going in and out.  

Bankrupt Spending and Me

poured out, empty, emotionally bankrupt,

Otherwise known as my personal lesson from T-Shirts and other non-negotiables.

If there ever was a wrong side of the bed, today I found it.

I’m in the overwhelm day where you’re in the middle of spending a lot of money on something you have planned for and saved for and wanted. And when it’s time to start to write those checks you panic.

Literal conversations in my own head……. “Do you know how much money we are talking about right now? Do you know what else we could do with that money?

Because right now I can think of a few and this is not a necessity in life. 

I only share that because in this situation, my brain (like most of ours) get’s stuck on insufficiency mode. There’s not going to be enough. There will NEVER be enough. We will never get this done and then still pay off that, or go there, or find the money to……….

Driving uptown today I was was thinking about something that happened earlier. A woman was chastising a 17 year old who had said she gave away some clothes every few months that she doesn’t wear. The woman’s point was that her family slaved to buy her those clothes and that level of flippancy about how hard those things were to acquire was ridiculous and disrespectful to her family. 

And at first instance I thought, “I am so frustrated and mad when I clean out my girls (apparently not so much a problem with my boys since they couldn’t care less about their clothes.) closet and have to give away items that still have tags on them because they never wore them and then grew out of them. Really?!? That’s why I ask things like, “Does it fit?” AND “Do you like it?”. At just the memory I visualize lighting $20 bills on fire.

And then I read a little further.

One mom encouraged the teen by saying they only buy clothes from the goodwill or garage sales so $.50 T-shirts can be replaced fairly easily and they always donate a bag or two every six months or so.

As I drove by goodwill I saw t-shirts in the window and realized something. I refuse to buy t-shirts. Literally no matter the cost it is too much. $3 on clearance? No! It’s a t-shirt for goodness sake. The things we turn into rags…..

And I realized.

We all have things in our lives that are inconsequential. But also things that are non-negotiable. And sometimes the inconsequential depends on who it’s meant for.

We all have our own judgments. I think spending money on t-shirts is a HUGE waste of money because they are a dime a dozen. AND yet I will buy them for all four of my kids or my husband without a second thought.

Why? Because T-Shirts for them are a non-negotiable.

Spending large amounts of money stresses me out. Wasting money stresses me out. It seems today I’m confused as to which one is happening in our lives right now. My memory trace seems to be the same for both actions.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever allowed overwhelm to dictate your feelings about your actions and behaviors. Have you ever allowed your current situation to alter your perceptions of inconsequential and non-negotiable?  And I only ask because I realized something really strange about myself. Today under the pressure of this weary afternoon everything cost too much. I talked myself out of a $1 iced tea because I had bottled water back at the office.

I have made everything inconsequential.

Because it didn’t stop with my iced tea. I was inconsequential. Stretched to the limits of negotiable with no help in sight to pull me back together. At that moment everything cost too much. Not just monetarily but emotionally and physically.

After a lot of self pity today where fleeting thoughts of, “Why am I not worth it?” were allowed to creep in, I realized something. Being emotionally bankrupt perfectly lends itself to being bankrupt in other areas of our lives, financially included. 

There is a huge difference between spending money and wasting money and I know the difference. I had more than enough money for a dollar iced tea and the fact that I refused it only set a negative tally mark on my psyche. The dollar was a waste. I’m not worth it. If I spend it there won’t be enough. There’s never enough. I won’t hit my income goals. We’ll never get the house paid off. I just need more.

But I am. And there is. And I will. And we will. And I don’t. I’m right where I’m supposed to be right now. Obnoxiously blessed beyond belief.

And so are you. Don’t view where you are at today through the lens of someone elses position. And don’t view where you are today through the blur of a human being who has reached their limits. 

Accept your inconsequentials for what they are. But be willing to stand firm in your non-negotiables. All that negative energy I could have and should have just taken control of instead of allowing it to consume me. Because in the end “the lack” is what really cost me today. 

We all need to remember that goodness in is what will perfectly lend itself to goodness out. And my own personal bankruptcy mindset will leave me holding on tightly to what I have rather than facing my day with an open palm of usefulness. 

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Quitter? Not You.

Football Field

I must be getting a little “in the spirit”  with Super Bowl next week because I wanted to throw down some big game observations. After all, if anything in your life gets the most time on the field it’s your money. And while I do not believe in any way it should be the end all and do all in life, you certainly can not escape this world without having to deal with it in some way on a regular basis. 

If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone tell me this phrase, “I tried that and it doesn’t work” I would be spending the next year traveling through Europe. (Funny how people pay you for advice they don’t want to hear.) And if that’s you that has told me that before, I got it, you tried and it didn’t work.

But just hear me out on this one and read the following short public service announcement anyway. If only as a favor to me. 

So I’ll just come out and ask, What was wrong with your plan?

Or if I could be so unabashed, what did you do to throw the game?  What did you use to excuse or justify the failure? What did you give up your power to? Otherwise known as who else could you blame for it?

What opportunities did you turn down or ignore? What blow did you allow to keep you out of the game? What was it that made you throw in the towel and never retake the field?

And most importantly, Was it really a career ending injury?

What was it that ended your commitment to working a better plan for your finances? Was it that one shopping trip where you lost control? Was it the one bad month hiding a lot of unplanned expenses? Or the vacation that wasn’t pre-planned for well that ruined the next three months?

That was your career ending injury? (I ask with a hint of sarcasm.) 

I have an idea.

Consult the medics. Talk to the coach. Get the tools to repair the damage. Consult the accountability partner.

And then I have another crazy idea for you, Get back in the game.

Because let’s face it, the only one that can take you out permanently is yourself.

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My mini meltdown

All around me people are talking about Thanksgiving coming so late this year.

And it is.

That’s more than a fact of the calendar. That’s a fact of my emotions and stress I’m feeling as I wrap up a Thanksgiving Feast at the kids school only to start thinking about the fact that the Christmas one is just a few weeks away. That’s a fact of the anxiety I feel when I look at all the things riddling my calendar.

I realized this morning that I’m spinning. I’m overwhelmed. I’m overcommitted. I’m feeling sorry for myself.

I want to talk to you about this because I feel like it needs to be talked about………. Because I know I’m not alone.

When I sit on Sunday and look at my week ahead, I am not feeling in the spirit of Christmas.

I’m feeling overwhelmed. I am exhausted before I start. I’m feeling alone as I check off 1/4th of my extensive list of things that need to be done that day. Shopping for my loved one’s is feeling like just one more chore piled high on my already gargantuan list. When I want to spend the morning in my PJ’s snuggled up with my kiddo’s watching cartoons I feel like I’m a million miles away from them. I’m irritated and snapping at their noise level. I’m annoyed by all their demands (even the look at my picture mommy). And it breaks my heart when I realize what I have allowed myself to become.

I’m feeling like a failure.

I am a failure.

I have failed to protect this special time in my and my family’s life. I have failed to protect my schedule from good things to make room for great things.

But I am refusing to do it anymore. I am sharing the load. I am throwing in the towel and I am practicing the word “no” on adding anything to my schedule that doesn’t involve being completely and totally present. I will give 100% to the things that I have committed myself to and I will not add one more commitment.

I am going to be grateful for the blessings that I have and I am going to fight the urge to get ahead…….To make major progress……… To be moving in the right direction.

Let’s all take the deep breath together and step into the next thing present. Let’s rid the list of anything non-essential and rest in good enough. And let’s choose to celebrate the season and the Reason for it all.

So take a second to look over your commitments and let it resonate with what’s too much. Then come and share if you have given something up.

Thankfulness Thursday

I love the ability to show gratitude. To give. To bless others.

I think it’s hardwired in us humans. It feels good to give.

So over the next few Thursday’s I am going to share a few of my favorite ways.

I downloaded this finance book a few weeks ago that I came across on the $.99 list on Amazon.

I hated the book.

HATED. I usually think hate is a very strong word to use but not in this case. If I would have spent more than $.99 on the stupid thing I might have written the author and asked for a refund. I almost stopped reading it about 10 different times but I am a big believer in #1 finishing what you start, and #2 asking myself in everything I do, “What can I learn from this?”

Anyway, I’m not going to share the book with you. You’ll just be tempted to go spend your hard earned dollar on it just out of curiosity now. BUT I do want to share with you the one thing I did learn from this. Which wasn’t even actually this, something in the book inspired a random thought that was this………….And that was to take a dollar or two and hide it in random places to bless people.

Try it the next time you go to the $ store. It’s fun.

I put a little sticky note on mine with a handwritten encouragement on it and folded it up and slipped it inside a container.

I have no idea who purchased that box but my prayer is that it brightened someone’s day and possibly helped someone who needed it most. Next time I’m making my kids do it.

Now I know what some of you are thinking what if someone got it that really didn’t need it?

Well, first whether they needed the $5 bill or not is irrelevant to being blessed. Second, If that’s the case I’d love to think it gave someone with a much larger ability than mine an idea to bless others.

I chose a $5 bill but you can easily do it with a $1. Or a $20 if your so inclined.

So take some time this Thursday to be thankful for all you have and see if you can turn that into an act of blessing to someone else.

Do you something you do that is a little gesture on your part but could be a big blessing to someone else? We’d love to hear it. Meet us over on Facebook and leave yours.


Do you know that statistically, people who strive for economic fortune are reported to be less content and happy than those who strive for intrinsic goals?

If we don’t maintain a healthy perspective, our intrinsic and extrinsic goals are actually in conflict with each other.

An intrinsic goal would be to feel like part of a community. To feel like we are helping someone else. To feel like we are content with what we have and our abilities. An intrinsic goal is to be a good person.

Extrinsic goals are to have a nice car, to have a bank account that reaches $xxx. It’s the goal to wear private label clothes and to only shop at high end stores. To live in a house this big that is in that part of town.

Not bad goals necessarily in themselves.

But we are wired to want more. We are wired to community. We aren’t wired just for lifestyle and if our desire to build large amounts of wealth is only for the sake of building wealth for ourselves. It will never bring happiness.

I struggled with this for a period of my life. I wanted to make money for none of the right reasons. And when I achieved and when I acquired I still ended up broke. Emotionally broke anyway.


And apparently I’m not the only one who’s made that mistake in life.

I have counseled people who have the resources to save for the future that easily could live with no debt, but don’t. The core root to why they have mismanaged money in the first place is that they find no fulfillment in it. They wanted the next, nicest car, but weren’t really happy when they got it. They liked to throw around money and yet never felt like they had true relationships because of it.

Once they got a vision of what they could do with money that spoke to their soul their entire perspective about money changed. It suddenly had value in their lives that went far beyond a luxury car.

It’s O.K. to want to build wealth. The thing that you must not lose sight of is why you are building it. What is your motivation behind it?

When Helen Keller was confronted with the statement, It must be hard to go through your entire life and not see. Her response was: “It would be if I had no vision.”

You have to learn to be fulfilled in everything you are doing. And if you are completely unfulfilled then that’s a good reason to start making big changes in your life to something that does fulfill you.

“When achievement is divorced from fulfillment, you lose custody of your happiness.” – Marie Forlio

So here’s the deal. Want great things. Dream of wealth. But don’t EVER lose sight of why you desire those things.

Financial Contentment

“You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are—no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought. Matthew 5:5 The Message Bible

Is your cup full?

Do you realize that one of the greatest attributes of people who are financially secure isn’t their constant desire to chase money. It would seem those people who are always focused on money, getting money, saving money, finding new money making opportunities, are the ones who have the money. But that’s generally not true.

Ironically when we chase things they have a habit of running away from us.

Of course you have to be motivated to make money. You have to be willing to provide for your basic needs. We may all desire a net worth that breaks the million dollar mark. There’s nothing wrong with that goal.

But there is a very black and white line between chasing money and chasing life.

I want to feel blessed. Don’t you?

We have to be “..content with just WHO we are…” in order to be blessed.

Wow. Content.

Satisfied, relaxed, happy, gratified. These are content.

Find that place of satisfied, and making money, saving money, living a life that is richly blessed will come naturally.

Finding that place of satisfied allows us to sit and rest in the lean financial times. It’s not about acquiring, it’s about savoring what we do have.

Finding that place of satisfied is what allows us to be gratified when opportunities arise. We are thankful for the chance to achieve our financial goals. When I am grateful I feel blessed.

So today, just where you are, can you find contentment?