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Trisha Funk, Financial Coach, Author, Finances With Funk

Trisha Funk has been helping people transform their finances for over 14 years. Originally as a financial adviser for The MONY Group and then MassMutual Financial Group she retired in 2010 to devote 100% of her time to personal financial coaching and financial literacy education. She is a sought after speaker and educator.

What people are saying:

After years of overwhelming debt and frustration I walked through this course with Trisha and today I enjoy freedom! I am free from the debt, free from the frustration, free from the feelings of hopelessness when it came to my finances. Now that the ugly past is behind me I am using this plan to continue to work towards my goals. I have learned so much, about myself, about why I do things, and about what I can do, not why I can’t. I got called on my stuff, was encouraged to be honest, and made changes that truly made a difference. This book is an investment, not an expense, and the return is phenomenal.
MissChrisWhoa, fantastic read!
Such a relief to read a book about the “why” of our daily financial decisions rather than just the “how to”! After going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and loving it, my husband and I started getting very frustrated about how to practically implement all of Dave’s concepts in our personal situation. Trisha puts it all in perspective! I finally feel like I have solid answers to all my “yes, but what about” questions. Reading this book, I felt like Trisha was sitting in front of me, telling this story of her own journey and experiences with others that I could COMPLETELY relate to. At times I thought “is she reading my mind?” With humor, sarcasm, compassion and grace, Trisha helped me understand the why behind my goofy financial decisions and how to make different ones that align with what I really want in life. Beautifully written, articulate, to the point and a quick read. This book will absolutely change or add the missing elements to your financial perspective. A must-read!
Wonderful, wonderful book. Practical advise with a sense of humor. Trish gives you easy to understand real life examples, while teaching you the benefits of reaching your goals. Wish I had read this book five years ago. My life would have been a lot easier. Through many struggles, tears and fights (thank you Trish for sharing your stories!), it was a relief to learn that we are on the same path now as she suggests. Thoroughly enjoyed this book – wholeheartedly recommend reading. It is information that accountants don’t give out – which has frustrated us for years. Trish is someone who truly understands what it is like to be a person who struggles while holding your hand discussing your debt, while giving you light at the end of the tunnel. LOVED THE BOOK!!!! Must read.
you can glean great insight from this book
It seems that most finance books are written either to those with deep pockets or those who have no money or no clue how begin to live on a budget. But, no matter your level of income, you can glean great insight from this book! This book helps you explore how you FEEL about money and possessions and how you internalize emotions about money: how much you
make, how much you spend, and how much you save. Prepare to be encouraged and challenged.