Developing Discipline University Your Guide to Develop Personal Discipline

Here's how to write your new happy ending?

Do You Have Big Ideas but No Idea Where to Start? It all boils down to personal discipline!

We all dream for some things to be different in our lives.

And although we can manage to get some things done just fine there are other areas that we continue to struggle ever actually following through.

You have that mantra on auto repeat, “If it’s really important you will make time for it…..”

  • But That’s Not how it feels……

There’s that one nagging thing that just feels out of control in our lives. We resolve that things are going to be different and start the race with all the energy in the world and then a few days later fall right back into our normal routine of doing things the way we always have.

Except, we have that one little issue…..

  • We don’t like “the way we always have”.
  • Many of us have big plans that we dream of accomplishing but are overwhelmed with how to actually start.
  • So we don’t.
  • We are paralyzed by the process.

That is exactly why this course was created.

Breaking through the obstacles that are holding you back in your life..and handing you the tools to develop personal discipline in your life for good!

You don’t have to feel like a failure anymore.

Developing Discipline University is your six week guide to mastering self discipline in your life.

Developing Discipline University was a created as a labor of love. I want you to experience the sweet freedom of getting what you want out of your life.

You are amazing.

You have the power to be and do more than you are.


I started working with Trish doing just financial coaching. But she is so much more than a financial coach. She is 100% a life coach. She has an amazing ability to see each persons needs differently and never uses a cookie cutter approach to mentoring. She is one of the most resourceful people I have ever met and has never made me feel inadequate!! I always leave her feeling better with tons of new wisdom. I am so thankful for her and all she does. – Gail

It’s time to stop settling for mediocrity in your life.

During this six week Developing Discipline University

develop personal discipline


  • You will get clarity of exactly what has a hold on your life. We will do very specific exercises together to get there.
  • I will show you exactly how to eliminate the noise of everything that is fighting for your attention.
  • And I’ll show you how to focus time and energy into things that are going to have the biggest impact on your life.
  • We will conquer a larger nagging project or goal that has been annoyingly present for a while.
  • We will transform habits that have been suppressing you from getting where you really want to be into habits that create the life you really want to be living.

You will receive 1 Video Lesson per week along with a PDF Download.

You will have access to a private Facebook DDU group to give you extra support from others going through the Developing Discipline Curriculum with you.

You will receive additional homework assignments via e-mail to keep you on track and reinforce creating the behaviors in your life you really want.

Want in?

Developing Discipline University Starts Now

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