Frugal Living – Living Better on Less

These day’s I don’t know many who wouldn’t say that their money is a bit more valuable.

I am passionate about saving money on the things I have to buy in life so that we can spend money on the things that are actually important to me.

I would much rather be meal plan and freezer cook so I can use almost all organic all natural ingredients.Frugal Living, Cut Expenses, $100 bill

I would much rather make some cleaning supplies that cost a fraction of the price so we afford to spend it on experiences we may not be able to afford.

I would much rather know exactly what’s going into my personal products, and know that what I’m putting on my skin and the skin of my family is a completely nontoxic all natural product that costs less than a product I would normally buy in the store.

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I share with you things like how to make all kinds of household products including an all natural Weed Killer and my absolute go to homemade de-greaser and shower cleaner! Can you say goodbye soap scum. This stuff works! Your tub and shower will never look better.

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And we’ll talk a ton about eating WELL on a budget.

I share tons of tips and tricks to simplify and save in your kitchen!

We talk about freezer cooking with recipes and everything. I share with you tons of free easy ways to throw together a meal plan that actually works for you and your family.

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