Change Your Money Mindset E-Course will

Show you exactly .......
how to transform your relationship with your money forever.

o Do you just shut down when it comes to a financial issue, decision or discussion?

o Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

o You may even feel that you make too much money to feel this broke.

o Have you gone through a life change that has left you in a financial hole you can't imagine how to get out of?

o Would you be ashamed if anyone around you really knew what your financial situation looked like? 

o Do you get frustrated about your financial situation when others around you seem to not be struggling?

o Does your money situation dictate your possibilities in life?

Whether you are an experienced money manager who has gone through some transitional life changes that left you struggling with the "right" financial decisions or you are a complete novice who feels you just never learned how to manage your money and build wealth Change Your Money Mindset will transform how you handle your money.

The 5 most important things you will learn in this online course

  • Learn and Understand the tools that will honor and encourage the Money Master you can be
          - Every impossible task starts with a small step in the right direction.
          - I will teach you how to decide which path is the one you should take.
          - Gain confidence in your situation by realizing what you have done wrong and what you can do to do it differently.

  • Identifying your limiting financial beliefs
           - What our perceptions of other peoples finances is actually costing us.
           - How to identify exactly what your specific trigger emotion is. 
            - How to turn the, "There's never enough" thought process completely on it's head.

  • Repossessing the power that these financial falsities have had on your life
           - Immediately identify the lies that we have been sold about money.
           - How to strategically disect the fact from the fiction in our financial life.

  • Step by Step strategies to create your perfect financial plan
           - Figure out what you really want from your money.
           - Identify what you need to tell it to do to get you there.
           - Prioritize in a way that allows you to actually make major progress towards your financial goals.

  • Gain the peace of mind that comes when your money works for you in a way that you can finally have financial freedom as a way of life
       - There is no question, life feels different when you are in control of your finances. 

Many have gone through this course and improved their lives using what they learned about who they were and where their financial decisions were really coming from. Many would say they were a complete money novice and weren't sure this course would even help them.

About the author

Trisha Funk

Financial Coach and Author

My name is Trish, I am compelled by a vision to help people push past the bondage money has on their lives.

Money is one of the few things that we are faced with constantly that has an ability to affect the quality of our lives. And I'm determined to show how you can live a life of financial peace regardless of where you currently sit. 

I knew my place was always  meant to be in money. I graduated college and began a career as a financial advisor and insurance sales person and a decade later found myself financially fine but emotionally devastated by the daily work I was doing compared to what I wanted to do.

So in 2010 I retired from my position and focused 100% of my attention to financial coaching and financial literacy education and events. 

I have since spoken in front of thousands on the subject of financial health and am often referred to as the financial psychologist.

I'm ready to Change My Money Mindset

Some words on the Course

  •  ... walked through this course with Trisha and today I enjoy freedom! I am free from the debt.  After years of overwhelming debt and frustration I walked through this course with Trisha and today I enjoy freedom! I am free from the debt, free from the frustration, free from the feelings of hopelessness when it came to my finances. Now that the ugly past is behind me I am using this plan to continue to work towards my goals. I have learned so much, about myself, about why I do things, and about what I can do, not why I can't. I got called on my stuff, was encouraged to be honest, and made changes that truly made a difference. This course is an investment, not an expense, and the return is phenomenal. 


  • Finance issues? This course is the perfect new beginning!  The title of this is perfect. We all need to change our mindset in so many areas of our lives and our finances are no different. When we think about our financial issues they often fester. When we think about our dreams, they don't become of anything because we don't take action. Our issues stay issues and are dreams stay dormant. When we sit down, plan them out and communicate them to our spouse/significant other, they become reality and you actually take action and feel good about it! Trisha is open and raw and I loved that about the course. Thanks Trisha

    Brenda S.

  • You can glean great insight from this course. It seems that most finance stuff is written either to those with deep pockets or those who have no money or no clue how begin to live on a budget. But, no matter your level of income, you can glean great insight from this book! It helps you explore how you FEEL about money and possessions and how you internalize emotions about money: how much you make, how much you spend, and how much you save. Prepare to be encouraged and challenged.

    Hope W.

  • Excellent! Informative, relatable, encouraging!

    Angela S.

  • Wonderful easy to follow course written with great insight and practical application! You will discover your thoughts/beliefs about money and have many "Ah-ha" moments. Definitely worth your time and money!!!


"Change Your Money Mindset"

  • 3 Weeks of Video Courses
  • PDF Printables for every week
  • Additional Worksheets to personalize the concepts for your life and your situation
  • MP3 Downloads to listen on the go
  • One on One private 30-Minute Coaching Session with Trisha Funk
  • Additional Full copy of e-book "Change Your Money Mindset - How to rise above the lies to reveal the wealth within"

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About the Author

I'm a momma to two amazing boys and two beautiful step-daughters, I'm a wife, a daughter of the King and of some pretty amazing earthly parents, a sister, an aunt, entrepreneur, an author, a financial coach, a dog lover, a coffee consumer, and a wine connoisseur.

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