The Armor of God – Week 1

You Guys!
Satan is NOT going to win this battle!
Do you know what he pulled out this week with me????
My boys……..
Oh No You Didn’t!!!!!!
Personal Story Here:
I shared with you all about how clearly God has allowed me to see spiritual warfare for what it is the last few years. And while last year was very OVERT (Schedule, Physical, Material) this year he is hitting me hard with COVERT (character hits – like a number of them from the most unbelievable places…)
And then just this last weekend in the midst of praying hard over ALL of us….. He hit me where he knew I’d fight him to the death. And I will! But as soon as I realized it was him that threw me in this game I fully understood how low he is willing to blow.
So, after an afternoon of brokenheartedness and disappointment. I sulked. I felt sorry for myself and was incredibly defensive of my babies (who are 100% imperfect  – They get that from their momma ; )  – but did NOTHING wrong in this situation) And then I reaffirmed…..
My God! I know you will fight my battles for me! I know I am not battling with flesh and blood, even if Satan is using flesh and blood to fight his fight for him. 
Ever been there? You are in a full on battle with a complete idiot. AND then you realize. What a perfect puppet they have been?
I’m not saying it’s still not frustrating.
But I do know that I don’t want to spend even an afternoon distracted from my purpose and the job God has for me for that day because of Satan’s plots.
So let’s get into this study!
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