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Trisha Funk has been helping individuals and small business owners gain control of their finances and put themselves on the track to succeed financially for over 10 years.

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I retired after 10 years as a stock broker knowing the traditional business model didn’t fit what I needed to do. When I walked away I had no idea where I would end up but knew money was in my blood somewhere. I focused 100% on our other family business and then worked an entire year as a financial coach and counselor as my “mission” to others by simple speaking requests and personal “favors”. Throughout that entire year I was confronted with, “why don’t you do this for more people and why can’t I pay you to do that.”  I realized after that first year I needed to accept my natural gift of helping individuals realize the true value of money in their life or step away from the arena all together.

Except……This is what I was meant to do.

And except…….People would make amazing progress but (I found out later) refuse to call me for additional help because they felt guilty for taking my time. So was born. Full financial coaching was officially available and my mindset shifted from it being a minuscule mission of “helping others with their financial questions” to transforming families and business owners out of debt completely and living a life they never thought possible.

I am so grateful for what I get to do every day. I have an ability to impact the world around me, to share the vision of financial freedom and what that means, and I intend to do it until God calls me home.

Group Education Classes, Speaking at Your Next Event, or for Your Organization (Prices Vary, contact me to discuss fees)

  • Would you love your employees to work more efficiently?
  • Do you have a group that would enjoy a frugal living class? There are a number I teach.
  • Do you need a funny, engaging speaker for your next business conference?
  • I can motivate your group to make positive changes in their life.

Want a personal appointment for Financial Coaching?

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Need Emergency Response? 

If You’re REALLY ready for a major transformation in your relationship with your money, or are currently in crisis mode. I do have an option. Couples that are on the brink of divorce over financial arguments. Singles who have had a major life change that need some serious direction. Or just families that are sick and tired of NEVER getting ahead or moving towards their goals. You can schedule Trisha Funk to come to your location for a two to three day intense evaluation of your financial relationship. Prices vary by destination, general consulting fee $1,999 for two day plus travel expenses. Fill out the form below to get further information. 

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